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Traveling to and inside Spain


Facts about traveling to and inside the nation of Spain such as flights, rail and road travel and ferry services

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Mainland Spain is situated on the Iberian peninsula within the southwest of Europe. It also encompasses two groups of islands. The Islas Baleares (Balearic Islands), inside the Mediterranean, Mallorca the biggest island is just more than a single hundred miles off the eastern coast plus the Islas Canarias (Canary Islands) which are situated around five hundred miles for the southwest and lie off the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Mellila and Cueta are two Spanish enclaves in Morocco on the African continent.

Whilst Spain is one of the world’s leading destinations for the package holiday there is certainly far more to this country than the beaches from the costas and islands. The independent traveler will wish to move about see what much more Spain has to offer you.

Gaining there – You will find thirty 1 airports on the mainland serving the following cities and towns: A Coruna, Albacete, Alicante, Almera, Asturias, Badajoz, Barcelona, Bilbao, Burgos, Cordoba, Girona, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, Leon, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Pamplona, Reus, Sabadell, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santander, Santiago, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza. In the Canaries the islands of El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Lanzarote and Tenerife and in the Balearics Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca all have airports. Gibraltar, the British colony at the southern most tip of Spain, also has it’s personal airport. British Airways plus the Monarch fly everyday to Gibraltar from a number of departure points inside the United Kingdom and Monarch has some pretty fantastic offers on seats. Big carriers supply scheduled flights to Spain but it can also be a principal destination for budget airlines with return flights accessible for less than 100 Euros from other European cities. It is also possible to choose up bargain seats on the quite a few charter flights serving the tourist sector. Air travel within Spain, with all the exception of a couple of spending budget airlines, is high-priced.

Significant roads provide access from Portugal towards the west and France which borders Spain for the northeast. Road travel within the nation can vary. Quite a few roads are not of a good normal but Spain has received billions of Euros in aid from the European Union and much of this has been spent on the infrastructure and so it’s also feasible to travel on a few of the newest and finest roads on the continent. The country is nicely served by lots of bus companies linking the main towns and cities with express services. You will find also a wealth of local bus services.

The train service is properly created enabling access to the country from both Portugal and France and quick travel amongst towns and cities within Spain. Fares are low cost in comparison with some other important European nations. Madrid and Barcelona are served by substantial Metro (underground railway) networks.

In addition to the quite a few inter island services ferries run from the mainland to each the island groups plus the two enclaves in Morocco. The Canary Islands are served by a boat operating from Cadiz. The journey is extended, some 48 hours and the sea conditions normally make for a rough passage. It may be preferable to fly although as we’ve currently pointed out this can be expensive. Ferries from Tariffa and Algeciras, within the Andalucian province of Cadiz, run to Tanger in Morroco. Ferries also link the enclave of Cueta with Tariffa, Algeciras and Malaga. Mellila, the other enclave is served by a boats out of Malaga and Almeria. The Balearic Islands have services towards the mainland running to Barcelona, Valencia and Denia.

More facts about Spain can be identified in the Spanish Travel Guide

Traveling in South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban


South Africa has awesome wildlife, natural landscapes and lively cities for the tourist to explore. After troubled times, South Africa is moving forward and is really a pleasure to stop by.

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Jo’burg, as it is recognized, is the biggest city in South Africa, its busy bustling streets lack genuine beauty. But you will be rewarded with excellent experiences of the genuine South Africa plus the climate is glorious.

Transport: tips on how to get there and around
There’s an international airport in Johannesburg which serves domestic as well as international destinations. There is certainly also a bus service that connects with nearby countries.

The climate in South Africa has excellent regional variations. Typically hot although it is dependent upon altitude. Summer tends to become very hot within the low lands; upper lands are pleasantly warm but subject to rain and mist. Winters are mild all over the nation except in the highest altitudes that are topic to frosts and occasional snowfalls.

Accommodation: Luxury to budget stays
The world wide web can offer you a few of the greatest information on the cost, range and location of hotels in Johannesburg .

Attractions & Events
*To experience the rich cultures of South Africa that were oppressed for so long, be in Johannesburg throughout September and October for the Arts Alive Festival.

*In April the National Exhibition Centre holds the Rand Easter Show.

*September brings the Jazz Festival and also the Gay Pride march is on the last Saturday in the month.
Cape Town
Cape Town is relaxed and laid back, especially in comparison to Johannesburg. The stunning Table Mountain overlooks the city of beautiful landscapes and beaches. It really is a welcoming place, too, with a vibrant cultural life especially for music.

Transport: the way to get there and around
Cape Town International airport has many direct flights from about the world. The city has a main train station where you can board both trains and buses. For help getting about town, Rikki transporters, Taxis and buses are available.

The very best time to visit is during the summer months December to March. It can be around 26 C in the city but this is cooled off a by the Cape Doctor also known as the wind!

Accommodation: Luxury to budget stays
The world wide web can offer several of the finest information and facts on the expense, range and place of hotels in Cape Town .

Attractions & Events
*The Cape Town Arts Festival is an outdoor event during the summer month of January.

*The Good Food and Wine Festival is held in June.

*There are a few events taking place in December. Inside the Companys Garden you can experience Carols by Candlelight. A more flamboyant event with outrageous costumes could be the Cape Town Queer Event.

Durban is actually a modern city with a lively night scene and plenty to keep you entertained from taverns, discos, theatres and clubs. The proud Zulu culture can be felt throughout Durban which boasts tropical beaches and jungle.

Transport: the best way to get there and around
International and domestic flights are served by Durban International Airport. You can reach the main South African cities with by train such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. Rickshaws, Taxis and minibuses will get you around the city itself.

Overall the climate is fairly mild all year round. During May and October there is more chance of rain and also the winters bring an evening chill.

Accommodation: Luxury to budget stays
The internet can provide many of the best facts on the cost, range and place of hotels in Durban.

Attractions & Events
*Durban has a literature festival in March in the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

*Natal holds a Marathon in June which goes through the valley of a thousand hills.

*The Centre for Creative Arts holds the International Film Festival in June.

Traveling in Italy: The Amalfi Coast.


Traveling on the Amalfi Coast of Italy could possibly be an unforgettable encounter.

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In the event you were to make a list on the most lovely places to check out on the planet, then the Amalfi coast in Italy would need to be in the leading ten category.

This can be the coast that is famous for hairpin turns, breathtaking views, sweet lemons (I mean sweet) charming hotels and picturesque towns.

The Amalfi Coast is situated within the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy The most beneficial solution to go to the coast is always to fly to Naples, rent a vehicle and drive down to Sorrento. In the event you make Sorrento your base camp, you are able to invest several days going to the jewel towns on the Amalfi Coast at your leisure.

Start off in Sorrento and drive to Positano. It is very best to carry a Michelin map with you to avoid acquiring lost.

Before you arrive in Positano, you may desire to stop at Positano Belvedere; a vantage point on the road that permits you to see the town of Positano in the distance. The view is breathtaking.

Any time you arrive in Positano, quit and walk about town. Probabilities are you currently have observed it in commercials. As soon as a little fishing village, it is actually now common with all the international crowd and some celebrities who remain at Positanos four and 5 star hotels.

Most homes look like compact boxes painted white with bougainvilleas developing along the walls.

Soon after Positano, continue to Vertica Maggiore, and after that Furore del Valle, a different gem of a town. Close to by will be the Emerald Grotto. An emerald color cave only reachable by boat. The water of the Tyrrhenian Sea, enters the cave along with the sun requires care of the rest.

Continue for the town of Amalfi and Ravello. Ravello also has unforgettable views.
In Ravello, you might see white washed homes perched on the hills with gardens planted with vines, lemon and olive trees. It’s a significant tourist destination, the beauty of the city, and its charm, has inspired its inhabitants and guests for centuries.

Points to see:

Villa Rudolfo
Villa Cimbrone

St Andrea Cathedral
Cloisters of Paradise (Chiostro del Paradiso)

Dining within the region:

Sorrento along with the Amalfi coast are situated inside the Campania region, and typical southern dishes are most likely to appear on the menus. Among these are pizza, pasta, tomatoes, eggplant, mozzarella cheese, seafood and citrus fruits.

Should you have ever had tomato and mozzarella salad, you are going to certainly have it there. It can be known as Insalata Caprese named immediately after the Island of Capri. The popular San Marzano plum tomatoes that grow within the region, with each other with silky soft buffalo mozzarella cheese, olive oil and basil, will surely make a delightful dish.

And lets not forget the wines. The region is rich in volcanic soil, an ideal medium to grow grapevines, and even though wines from this region usually are not well-known internationally, they are just as fantastic as much more well-known Italian varieties. Wine at lunch and dinner is usually served in compact carafes, but you’ll be able to also order wines by the bottle.

Dont forget to finish your meal with a cup of dark espresso just as most Italians do.


If you determine to go, arm oneself having a superior map as well as a excellent guide book. My favorite travel guides are Frommers and Michelin. You can come across them at any big bookstore.
Italians are a friendly individuals by nature and driving about the region really should not be difficult even when you dont speak Italian.
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Traveling In Costa Rica


Costa Rica is complete of fascinating items to see and do. When you pay a visit to Costa Rica the initial thing that you simply will notice could be the friendly atmosphere that permeates every single aspect from the society in Costa Rica. And you will discover not many places on earth which might be as lovely all year round as Costa Rica. In Costa Rica you’ll be in a position to sit on the beach and luxuriate below the sun or opt for from a variety of adventures that you just can’t obtain back at house.

For anyone who is staying in C…

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Costa Rica is complete of fascinating points to determine and do. Whenever you pay a visit to Costa Rica the very first point which you will notice could be the friendly environment that permeates every aspect with the society in Costa Rica. And there are actually not quite a few locations on earth that happen to be as gorgeous all year round as Costa Rica. In Costa Rica you’ll be in a position to sit on the beach and luxuriate below the sun or pick out from several different adventures which you just can not discover back at dwelling.

When you are staying in Costa Rica you may wish to verify out all of their fabulous museums. There are over 30 different wonderful museums in Costa Rica and each of them will take your breath away with their awesome artifacts. You’ll find a number of the most excellent finds in Costa Rica at their museums. These museums are a fantastic approach to devote the day whenever you want slightly break from the sun plus the beach.

The sun in Costa Rica is effective so be sure to bring some fantastic sunscreen as well as a hat, obtaining sunstroke in Costa Rica is no method to take pleasure in your vacation.

There are several other beautiful web sites to determine in Costa Rica apart from the sun along with the museums and 1 of them will be the variety of trees. If you love the outdoors then Costa Rica would be the location for you. There are various hikes and treks that you simply can go on in Costa Rica which will thrill your senses. You can expect to get too see an excellent portion of the wildlife in Costa Rica as they go about their daily organization, which can be normally fun and exciting. Costa Rica is an excellent spot to take a look at either on your own or with other individuals.