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Take a look at Beverly Hills California


Beverly Hills, California, one of the wealthiest cities in the world is known world wide for multi million dollar mansions, Rodeo Drive shopping, luxury automobile dealerships, 4 and five star hotels, fine dining establishments and wealthy citizens.

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Beverly Hills, California, one of the wealthiest cities in the world is known world wide for multi million dollar mansions, Rodeo Drive shopping, luxury automobile dealerships, four and 5 star hotels, fine dining establishments and wealthy citizens.

Beverly Hills is an excellent place to go to. Go shopping or window shopping at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Channel, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Gearys, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Lalique, Tiffany & Co, Robert Clergerie, Barneys New York, Van Cleef & Arpels, La Perla, Hermes, Alfred Dunhill, St. John, Harry Winston, Buccellati, Cole-Haan, David Orgell, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Fendi or dozens of other luxury boutiques, stores and shops.

If you are into luxury cars, you can find almost every type of luxury and classic car there is on the streets and at the dealerships in Beverly Hills.

If you can afford it stay in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel and be treated like a king or queen. There are also the Le Meridien, Four Seasons, Regent Beverly Wilshire, The Beverly Hilton, Raffles L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotels as well as several other excellent hotels.

Have breakfast or lunch and see the stars at the Polo Lounge, eat at Trader Vics, Spagos, Il Fornaio, La Scala, Delmonicos Lobster House, Regent Beverly Wilshire, Benihana, Houston’s and other fine restaurants. All of them provide excellent service and delicious fare.

All in the businesses and merchants in Beverly Hills are used to serving wealthy and discriminating clientel, therefore almost anywhere you go you will be treated with service that is far above average. Unlike the scenes in the movie Pretty Woman I have never run in to rude or snooty sales clerks. Everywhere I have shopped, stayed or dined in Beverly Hills I have been treated very well. Money is money and it seems that the merchants believe that if you can afford to buy their goods or services you are more than welcome in their establishment. Since nowadays it is hard to tell by looks who has money and who doesn’t it’s easier and safer for the merchants to treat everyone as if they are wealthy.

Drive through the residential areas of Beverly Hills. You will find houses and mansions of all architectural styles and sizes beautifuly landscaped with dark green lawns, sculpted hedges, fountains and gorgeous gardens. Even the streets are clean and well tended.

Pay a visit to Beverly Hills, if you are rich you will feel right at home and if you are not you will probably, at least for a while, feel like you are.

By the way, even though the city is filled with luxury hotels, shops and restaurants, since not everyone who lives, visits or works in Beverly Hills is rich, there are still plenty of medium to inexpensively priced hotels, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and fast food places.

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Virginia Is For Lovers With Plenty of Bed And Breakfasts

Virginia Is For Lovers With Plenty of Bed And Breakfasts


The state slogan for Virginia is “Virginia is for lovers” and there are a lot of bed and breakfast places to assist lovers invest some high quality time together in a peaceful, relaxing and unique atmosphere that basically can’t be discovered inside a hotel. As a result, when you reside in Virginia or are simply passing by way of, take into account a Virginia bed and breakfast for the accommodations and you’ll surely get pleasure from your remain even more.

Virginia is really a quite diversified state within the truth tha…

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The state slogan for Virginia is “Virginia is for lovers” and you’ll find lots of bed and breakfast places to assist lovers invest some superior time together in a peaceful, relaxing and special atmosphere that merely cannot be identified inside a hotel. Consequently, in the event you reside in Virginia or are simply passing through, take into consideration a Virginia bed and breakfast for your accommodations and you’ll absolutely appreciate your keep even more.

Virginia can be a very diversified state in the truth that there are mountains, city, the beach, and almost everything in among. And, no matter exactly where you locate yourself in Virginia there is going to be a bed and breakfast to meet your needs. Certainly, you will discover a lot more bed and breakfast locations inside the cities especially closer to Washington D.C., but you will discover so many bed and breakfast locations that you just can really locate just what you’re trying to find irrespective of exactly where you locate oneself. It might be difficult to just occur across a bed and breakfast in Virginia having said that for the reason that they’re usually homes with signs, but absolutely nothing to compete with all the huge lit signs of hotels. As a result, you ought to plan ahead and look for Virginia bed and breakfasts in one particular in the numerous bed and breakfast directories offered. Undertaking this can allow you to obtain all the bed and breakfasts listed in Virginia and you’ll be able to check out rates, amenities, then get in touch with the b and b to produce a reservation. Getting your keep planned in advance will make you rest straightforward.

A bed and breakfast in Virginia is actually a terrific option simply because it is actually pretty much as when you are staying at home, but with a person preparing a complete breakfast for you and willing to meet your every single need to have as well as whim. As a result, a bed and breakfast is usually an enjoyable and extremely romantic spot to remain. If you’re preparing a trip to Virginia, examine out the bed and breakfast solutions and you will more than most likely decide on to remain within a bed and breakfast on your next trip to Virginia.

Virgin Blue’s Boeing 737-800


Boeing’s 737-800 would be the biggest member with the strong selling 737 family members. In contrast to the other Next Generation 737s, the 800 introduced new fuselage lengths, growing seating capacity to 189 people.

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In 2006, Virgin Blue, Australia’s quantity two airline right after Qantas, agreed to get nine Boeing 737-800 jets valued at $US634.5 million. The Brisbane based enterprise has a programme to expands its fleet of younger, much more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Virgin Blue’s fuel costs account for over 23% of its gross income. It desires newer, much more fuel effective aircraft to lower expenses.

By decreasing the range of aircraft in its fleet, Virgin Blue will also lessen upkeep costs due to economies of scale in engineering technical abilities specifications and spare parts procurement.

The organization said it ordered the next generation 737 since it’s a trustworthy and cost-efficient aircraft, that is essential in their competitive low-cost market.

In introduction of QANTAS’s low price carrier Jetstar, has further increased pressure on reducing costs.

Like the Boeing 737-600 and Boeing 737-700, the 800 functions lots of improvements which includes far more efficient CFM56-7B turbofan engines. More than 4,000 CFM56-7B engines are in service as part of essentially the most popular engine/aircraft team in commercial aviation.

The CFM56-7B turbofan, with it is swept fan and advanced compressor is among one of the most modern day, effective and trustworthy turbofans ever. More than 500 airlines fly CFM56-7B-powered 737s and, because entering service inside the mid-90s, they have accumlated over 50 Million flight hours.

All CFM56-7B engines delivered from mid 2007 were compliant with future Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), environmental specifications.

The CFM56-7B also powers the Boeing/GE BBJ (Boeing Small business Jet) and 737 military variants including transports unique mission aircraft.

One more improvement in the 737-800 may be the new wing with greater thickness, span and wing region, larger tail surfaces as well as a new flightdeck.

The flightdeck has six flat panel LCDs which can present info as on the 777. A heads-up-display (HUD) is optional.

Virgin Blue’s aircraft feature distinctive winglets. These winglets stand around 2.four metres (8 feet), tall and are installed in the wing ideas. They enable with reduced fuel burn (by minimizing vortex drag), reduced engine put on, and generating less noise on takeoff.

Virgin Blue’s Boeing 737 800s function three toilets, six premium economy seats with additional legroom and red leather upholstery and eight exits.

Not too long ago the firm fitted some of its 737-800 jets with video-on-demand systems. Passengers now have the solution to view staellite feeds of 24 different pay television channels to get a little $4.90 charge that they spend by swiping a credit card via the card reader that is definitely installed subsequent for the LCD screen.

Till its launch on September five, 1994 the 737-800 was recognized as the 737-400X Stretch. Compared with all the 400 the 800 is 3.02m (9ft 9in) longer, taking typical two class seating from 146 to 162, even though range is considerably increased. The Boeing 737-800 has sold strongly because its launch, and early 2002 was the highest promoting Next Generation model. First flight was on July 31 1997, very first delivery (to Hapag Lloyd) was in April 1998.

The biggest single order for the 800 series has come from the Irish spending budget carrier, Ryanair. Following 28 had already been ordered earlier, a firm order for 100 aircraft was created in January 2002, with an choice of an additional 50, to become delivered more than the following 8 years. Ryanair will use the aircraft in a single class configuration, to seat 189 passengers.

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City


Thirty years immediately after the end on the war, the extremely resilient nation of Vietnam, as well as the Vietnamese individuals, is beginning to emerge from the shadows – from

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Vietnam is usually a nation deeply scarred by war and yet its outlook is forgiving and forwardlooking. Its men and women think last centurys occupations, battles and political influences have enriched the nation.

Washed ashore above the Mekong Delta, some 40km north with the South China Sea, Ho Chi Minh City, identified also as Saigon, is a city on the march, a boomtown exactly where the rule from the dollar is absolute. It is a testament to its wartorn past. Its background has made it resilient, effervescent, charged with initiative and roaring with trade.

The centre of Ho Chi Minh is compact and excellent for wandering about. It boasts fine restaurants, immaculate hotels and glitzy bars amidst its colonial villas and venerable pagodas.

There are plenty of interesting areas to go to like the markets, cathedral, riverport, Presidential Palace (perfectly preserved for some unknown reason!) along with the nearby park which also houses a museum of Vietnamese Background and Culture along with a small zoo.

Ho Chi Minh City started life as a fishing village called Prei Nokor and in the course of the Angkor period (the 15th century) it flourished as an entrpot for Cambodian boats pushing down the Mekong River. Cargo ships still to this day jostle with rice barges and fragile sampans (an Oriental boat propelled by a sail or oars), whilst porters sweat within the humidity loading the boats.

During the 18th century, the Khmers by now had been ousted, Prei Nokor was renamed as Saigon and was produced a temporary capital in between 1772 and 1802, after which the Emperor Gia Long applied it as his regional administrative centre.

The French seized Saigon in 1861 and set about a huge public performs programme by creating roads and draining marsh land. The war against the French lasted thirty years following which Saigon was lastly designated the capital of the Republic of South Vietnam.

American troops withdrew in 1973 and two years later Saigon had been renamed as Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a port that’s steamy hot and searlingly stylish. The streets are lined with imaginative oneoff boutiques, design retailers and busy cafes where you will be in a position to meet the neighborhood men and women on an informal basis. Dong Khoi and Le Thanh Ton streets are favourites for elegant silk clothing, hand embroidered scarves, and lacquerware. (Quite a few stores will provide a service of organising a container to ship purchases home) In a lot of strategies Ho Chi Minh City is far more cosmopolitan and hedonistic than the capital, Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh is also complete to bursting point with men and women for whom progress hasnt yet translated into food, lodging and employment, so begging, stealing and prostitution are pretty considerably in evidence. Petty crime, however, has elevated inside the final couple of years so significantly care ought to be taken when walking the streets or travelling on bicycles or motorbikes, especially just after dark and around tourist nightspots.

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